Python, HTML, Bootstrap and Flask Session at Mahendra Engineering College

Posted on Sun 02 October 2016 in post


Day 1:


This is my first session with little huge participants. In this sessions I have covered up HTML, CSS and Bootstrap. I was made them to design a simple attractive static web page using bootstrap. The page consist of Heading, Image representation, col-md, table, etc.

In bootstrap, Classes like container, container-fluid, text-center, col-md, jumbotron, table primitives etc were used to buid a simple web page. Most of the audience were successfully built an web page and felt happy with bootstrap. Due to insufficient time, I couldn't cover more topics in bootstrap.

Day 2:

Day to I was took Python and Flask session. In python, I covered up with basics of python such as printing, arithmetic operations, type casting, list, tuple, dictionary, etc. Participants were attendively come up with outputs for the task which I have given to them.

In afternoon session, I have gone to Flask. Flask is a micro web framework in python. Before entering into flask, I have explained them networking and how routing taking place. After that, I have explained what is request and what is response, also GET and POST method in HTTP. At last I have entered into Flask. Participants was very eager to make their first tiny web app. I have ended the session with form handling in Flask.



Finally, I gave a small talk on Internet Democracy.